Threat Intelligence Analyst training

Advance your experience in Threat Intelligence!

Threat Intelligence Analyst training

How to advance your experience in the field of threat intelligence? Join the 3 day Fox-IT course in Cape Town, South Africa. This training is tailored for TI analysts in the financial services industry. Learn from the experts from Fox-IT.

Day 1: Threat intelligence analyst training

  • Introduction to CTI
    – Lockheed Martin’s kill chain
    – Diamond Model
  • Methods and techniques for data analysis and data enrichment.
    – VirusTotal/ Shodan/ Censys/ etc.
    – OSINT and practice exercise
  • Processing the extracted data and sharing intelligence with other intelligence consumers.
  • Overview of commonly used platforms (MISP, EIQ) and standards (STIX, TAXII, Cybox etc) within threat intelligence management and how these are applied in practice.

Day 2: Threat intelligence analyst training

  • Basic Reversing
    – ProcMon
    – APIMon
    – Assembly, Registers, Stack & Heap
    – X64dbg
  • Writing basic IDS (Snort) & Yara rules

Day 3: Threat intelligence analyst training

  • Static Analysis
  • Dynamic Analysis
  • Anti-Reversing
  • Case Study: Lazarus / Snake


After this module you will be able to understand:

  • What Threat Intelligence is
  • How to describe threats and events using the killchain and the diamond model
  • How to gather, analyze and enrich data regarding threats
  • How to use a TIP to share information to other intelligence consumers
  • How to analyze malware, using several methods
  • How to write basic YARA rules
  • How to write basic SNORT rules


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