NITEC 2017

NCI Agency Industry Conference & AFCEA's TechNet International

NITEC 2017

Fox-IT is excited to announce that we are present at the 6th edition of the ‘NITEC- NCI Agency Industry Conference & AFCEA TechNet International’ under the theme Sharpening NATO’s Technological Edge: Adaptive Partnerships and the Innovative Power of Alliance Industry.

Bringing together more than 800 high-level defence experts from across NATO, the Allied militaries, Industry and academia, NITEC17 will offer a unique opportunity to act on NATO’s innovation agenda through strategic dialogue with partners.

The three day event, organized with AFCEA Europe (the Association for Communications, Electronics, Intelligence and Information Systems Professionals) and in collaboration with the Department of National Defence Canada, will harness the innovative capability of Alliance Industry to help NATO identify advanced emerging technologies, evaluate their applicability in the military domain, and implement them through innovative solutions.

For more information about this event, please visit the NITEC website.