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Fox-IT at the number one IT Security Trade Show in Belgium

Spam, phishing, hackers and increasingly advanced forms of cybercrime are real threats to the economy. The Infosecurity trade show engages on current issues in IT security. is the number one trade show for IT security in Belgium. It is a must for every IT professional, so of course Fox-IT will be at on March 22  and 23, 2017 in Brussels. We are looking forward to seeing you!

What can you expect from us?

Fox-IT – for a more secure society

When you get victimized by crime in the online world or any form of cybercrime, you feel powerless: the perpetrators are anonymous and invisible. And the impact on your organization can be tremendous. When this happens, Fox-IT is your lifeline.

Visit our stand at for all the information you need. Join the inspiring and thought-provoking presentation ‘Why we all suck at cybersecurity’ by Erik de Jong, Lead expert cybercrime at Fox-IT:

‘Security companies are scarers: they only highlight everything that can go wrong, hoping to sell as many products and services as possible. The rest of the world is apathetic: they do not take any actions until it is too late and the data already out on the street or the money is safe in a Russian bank account. We will not change the rest of humanity, so let’s start with security companies. What questions should you ask them, how will you keep them sharp and especially what should you not accept? Be there, while the auditor marks his own paper.’

At our stand our experts can inform you for example about the following products/services:

MSS: Managed security services

Successful and effective cyber security is not only about tools, but (more and more) about the processes and people to operate those tools effectively. While organizations used to buy security tools and believed this would be sufficient, they increasingly realize that running a Security Operations Center (SOC) with the right people is necessary to benefit from those tools. Fox-IT’s Managed Security Services, based on its proprietary Cyber Threat Management platform, comprise of three types of services being: Dedicated SOC, Hybrid SOC, On-premise SOC. At our stand we will be telling you what our services comprise exactly.

Compromise Assessment

Have you been compromised? The High tech manufacturing, the airline industry, government, critical infrastructure, telecoms and financial players have been in 2015. Fox-IT’s Compromise Assessment service helps organizations find out if they are under a cyberattack. We help them to understand how mature their approach to Cyber Security is and needs to be from both a technical and non-technical point of view. Visit our stand to discuss the advantages of our unique Compromise Assessment service.

Cyber Threat Management platform (CTMp)

Prepare for the changing threat landscape through an intelligence driven operational environment that enables you to defend against known and as of yet unknown cyber threats. Visit our stand for an update of our Cyber Threat Management platform (CTMp).

Incident Response

When business continuity and reputation are at stake, our experienced cybercrime and forensic IT experts ensure a swift and smart response. At our stand we’ll be informing you about our Incident Response service.


FoxAcademy offers a broad range of cyber security training, from single day courses to programs that take a year to complete. Visit our stand to find out how FoxAcademy can help your organization improve it’s cyber security.