The many-faced CISO

What kind of CISO are you?

The many-faced CISO

Many organizations have difficulty finding a competent Chief Information Security Officer, or CISO. The spider in the web when it comes to information security. A CISO not only has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of information security, risk analysis, and specialized security techniques but is also familiar with relevant legislation and regulations. The head of security can also collaborate with various disciplines at all levels of the organization. Ultimately, every company strives to achieve this perfectly described CISO. However, the chance that you will find a CISO that meets all these criteria is, unfortunately, almost impossible.

Ultimately, a competent CISO knows what is going on within the organization, is empathetic, and be able to communicate with the various departments and – most importantly – the board. They don’t have to be picture-perfect, but it is up to the CISO to find out what is important within its organization – and they have to be able to take on an advisory role towards its management.

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