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Our manifesto

This manifesto has been written in order to give you an insight into Fox-IT (or ‘Fox’). Our focus is to ensure that everyone who works with us – both now and in the future – is able to identify with it, becomes an enthusiastic Foxer and enjoys tackling each day’s new challenges. In this way, we can work together to enhance Fox’s success. Since November 2015, we have been part of the NCC Group. That means that Fox is now a member of a global team of more than 2000 professionals spread across more than 35 locations on 3 continents. Our culture fits in perfectly within the NCC Group while we have our own identity.We have put our thoughts and beliefs down on paper, simply and directly, in order to give you a clear idea of the principles of our company and the basic assumptions that we adopt as Foxers when making decisions. The purpose of this is not to ensure completeness but rather to share what Fox is about and what makes a Foxer.The Fox-IT management team.

Our mission

To derive satisfaction from helping to create a more secure society with the help of our technical and innovative solutions (Mission for 2020).

Our core values

  • To lead the way in innovation.
  • Discretion: we work with and create confidential information and we are trusted by our clients to handle their sensitive information.
  • Excellent reputation: being part of something unique (pride).
  • Encouraging both individual skills and entrepreneurial and technical creativity.
  • Enjoying what we do and working with colleagues.

Our BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal)

By 2025, Fox will be providing companies in Europe for which cybersecurity is vitally important with innovative solutions to the most complex and socially relevant cybersecurity problems.

Why do we have Fox?

We do cool things that are also useful to society. Our innovative developments mean that we are often the first to understand how things work. We offer Foxers a challenging environment in which they can develop and contribute towards creating a more secure society. That makes our work even more fun and every day brings a new challenge.

Who do we regard as our clients?

We target organisations with a social purpose in particular, such as government bodies, the financial sector, the vital infrastructure and other organisations for which cybersecurity is important.

What objective does Fox want to achieve?

We are regarded as a leading security company due to our knowledge and innovation in particular, and that is a position that we are keen to hang on to. That applies to both our image and the actual business. We also have a serious ambition to become number one and to deliver our unique products and services to our clients worldwide. In this way, we can make a fundamental positive contribution to the success of the NCC Group.

How do we do that?

We leverage our expertise and solutions to help our clients with the current and future challenges facing our industry. To do this, we get under the skin of our clients and we amass knowledge and ideas about future opportunities for making our society safer.

We use that knowledge to develop scalable products and services with the intention of selling them nationally and internationally. We develop solutions in the Netherlands and then collaborate closely with our clients as those solutions mature. The solutions that are both distinctive and able to stay well ahead of the competition for a long time are refined to become professional solutions for our (inter)national clients. Internationally, our solutions are sold to the right target groups via the most appropriate channels. This enables us to scale up and thus to fund the development of new revolutionary ideas, offering our Foxers attractive and varied work.

The organisational model that we use for this is business unit-oriented. The business units work closely together, with knowledge being shared and exchanges between specialists. This creates a dynamic organisation. We also work as closely as possible with our clients and colleagues within Fox and the NCC Group.

We maintain a balanced portfolio of profitable and scalable products, technical services and innovative projects. Profit optimisation in the short term is not our main driver.

What does innovation mean for Fox?

For Fox, innovation is indispensable because it enables us to continue making our clients and society safer. The threat landscape is developing rapidly and also expanding. It is not enough just to react: you need to anticipate the threat. We see innovation as creating new solutions for making organisations safer. Each solution needs to rectify a concrete problem.

To do this successfully, we devise new technologies or come up with new applications for existing technologies.

Most of our ideas come from close collaboration with our clients. By spending plenty of time with them, we are able to experience and understand their problems and the associated risks. Our technical intelligence means that good ideas evolve naturally. When developing new technology, we involve our clients in the process early on.

What do we mean by quality?

Because we invest in knowledge and development, we are the experts in our field. With this knowledge, we deliver unique results for our clients.

Quality is guaranteed, and not only in the service and technical solutions that we provide. Behind everything that we do is the ambition to do things well and that little bit better each day. We strive to deliver optimum value and the best possible experience for the client. That applies as much to the way that the client is greeted at reception as it does to lunch and to how quickly you return the client’s call.

Naturally, the most important thing is the work that we deliver. Whether it’s a report or a piece of equipment, every little detail simply has to be right. To achieve this, Foxers are required to critically assess each other’s work.

What is the Fox culture?

At Fox, we are passionate about our work and take great pleasure from it. Our culture is characterised by many factors, including the following:

  • A lot of our colleagues are smart nerds.
  • We value and respect each other.
  • We communicate informally and always know how to get in touch with each other.
  • Confidentiality and integrity are a given for us.
  • We have the freedom to share, investigate and implement innovative ideas.
  • We learn from each other and from our mistakes.
  • We are always alert, to the point of being paranoid.
  • We are honest and open in our communications and give our opinion, solicited or unsolicited.
  • We are great colleagues.
  • We have really good coffee and a communal lunch.

What is the Fox position on career development?

The development of Foxers is central to our core values. Personal development is encouraged. You can immerse yourself in your particular specialist field or expand your capabilities to include other specialisms. Within Fox, we have both technical and management growth paths. There are Foxers who began as interns, then became penetration testers, went on to become programmers and now have a sales role. Studying, education, training, courses or attending conferences are all encouraged.

What does leadership mean within Fox?

Within Fox, leadership means providing guidance, allowing freedom and getting results. We believe that the best results are achieved if the objective is made clear but tasks are not preordained. It is up to our leaders to provide guidance and to help Foxers do their jobs.

Foxers are critical and headstrong people who are selected for their independent and critical thinking. Together, we strive to achieve our shared goal. We expect all our colleagues to take responsibility for their own actions and to provide as much added value as possible, both for the team and for Fox.


We are proud to work at Fox and want everyone to know that.

This manifesto will ensure the continuity and success that we are striving for. It also provides all Foxers with a sound foundation for making decisions. Together, we share the ambition to always follow this manifesto while recognising that reality can sometimes be stubborn and inconsistent.

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