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Board of directors

The organizational structure of Fox-IT consists of three divisions. The Managing Director of Fox-IT is Erik Ploegmakers and Jeremy Butcher is Chief Operations Officer. Christian Prickaerts is Director of Managed Services, Jurgen Delfos is Director of Crypto and Joost Reijne is Director of Professional Services.

Erik Ploegmakers

Managing Director

Erik Ploegmakers is Managing Director of Fox-IT. He is responsible for the company strategy, and for further strengthening and expanding the excellent working relationships with the Dutch government and with Dutch and international businesses in Europe in close cooperation with the NCC Group.

Erik Ploegmakers studied Cyber Law, Criminal Law and eLaw at Leiden University. After graduating in 2006 he started working at Fox-IT as Forensic Investigator and was promoted to COO of the business unit Fox Replay in 2007. When the American company Netscout Systems took over Fox Replay, Erik was appointed as General Manager for Security there. In 2014 and 2015 he worked as Chief Operations Manager at the security company DearBytes. After that he joined PwC as Director of Cyber Security, where he was responsible for cyber security consultancy in the Netherlands. Before returning to Fox-IT as Managing Director,

Jeremy Butcher


As Chief Operations Officer, Jeremy Butcher is the technological conscience of Fox-IT. He makes sure that the products and services provided by Fox-IT continue to meet the security and IT needs and developments of our clients. He also identifies opportunities for new products and services. The main challenge for Jeremy is finding the right balance between security, our clients’ day-to-day business practice and how to best organize Fox-IT.

Jeremy joined Fox-IT in 2000 and he has contributed to all major products and services. Before he was appointed as COO, he worked for the High Assurance group for seven years, developing software and hardware security products for the most sensitive industries. He studied Applied Physics at TU Delft University of Technology and he worked for the Dutch government as software developer specializing in hacking and obtaining data from the mobile phones of criminals.

Christian Prickaerts

Director of Managed Services

Christian Prickaerts is Director of Managed Services at Fox-IT. He is responsible for growing the business of Managed Detection & Response (MDR) and for further developing the department for online fraud management for banks (DetACT™).

Christian was appointed as Security Expert at Fox-IT in 2004 and moved to the Forensics Team to do investigations. In 2010 he became manager of the Forensics Team before becoming the manager of the Managed Security Services team in 2015. Before Christian joined Fox-IT, he worked as ICT engineer at the University of Maastricht for seven years.

Jurgen Delfos

Director of Crypto

Jurgen Delfos is Director of Crypto at Fox-IT. He wants to contribute to a more secure society by improving the business operations of the Crypto division, by offering more room for cryptography research and by strengthening our position as an extremely reliable partner of the Dutch government.

Before Jurgen joined Fox-IT, he worked as CTO at Carerix. In the past he held various senior management positions at Exact, Centric and SIMgroep. Jurgen studied Business Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Joost Reijne

Director of Professional Services

Joost Reijne is Director of Professional Services at Fox-IT. Professional Services is our consultancy practice with the aim of making our clients more resilient to digital threats. This department has doubled in size in recent years. Joost is responsible for continuing this success in the years ahead.

Before Joost joined Fox-IT, he was Senior Manager Cyber Consulting at PwC where he started working in 2004. He worked as a consultant in the areas of cyber security, risk management and identity & access management. Joost studied Business Information Technology at the University of Twente in the Netherlands.

About Fox-IT

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