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From personal data to intellectual property and from financial resources to continuity – every organisation has its own particular assets that are worth protecting. The crucial question, which at first glance seems simple, is this: what are the critical assets that your organisation needs to protect? And who might be interested in them?

What makes your organisation an attractive target? The answer to this question forms the basis of a good cyber security strategy. Who is interested in gaining access to your data? Fox-IT will work closely with you to determine exactly what’s at stake, in terms of data, finance and continuity. Are there cyber espionage groups aiming for your organisation? How attractive are you for cyber criminals?

As soon as we know which assets you would like to protect, we will provide a clear overview of the threats that present the biggest danger to your company. We then implement the appropriate cyber security measures. Our actions are based on the four aspects of our continuous improvement process for advanced cyber security:

  • Intelligence

    An insight into the threat landscape so you know which threats your organisation is facing.

  • Prevention

    Modern cyber security, comprising various layers and tuned to the threat landscape.

  • Detection

    A warning system alerts you when attackers attempt to gain access.

  • Respons

    A process aimed at minimising the damage of an incident.

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