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The game has changed in this digital age. Today, new technologies are spun up seemingly overnight. Data is collected en masse. Our systems are more integrated than ever before.
Maintaining the integrity, confidentiality, and continuity of systems and data is essential. But attackers seek to undermine our ways, and cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated by the day.
Threats are out there, invisible to the untrained eye. Shine a light on them before they compromise your organization.

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How a security breach affects a transport company

Is it better to shut down a business, or take a gamble and hope the attacker was uncoordinated? Look behind the screens and learn about how a breach impacted a large transportation company.

How we suffered from a man-in-the-middle-attack ourselves

It happened to us. Fox-IT suffered a Man-in-the-Middle breach back in 2017. Look behind the screens and learn how easily invisible these attacks can be and how we minimized its impact.

How we hack your company

An attack simulation is more valuable than any plan on paper. Look behind the screens and learn how Fox-IT’s Red Team attacks organizations like an attacker would in the real world.

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