Third CyberOpleidingsProgramma (COP III) launched

Ministry of Defence and Fox-IT close framework agreement

Third CyberOpleidingsProgramma (COP III) launched

The third CyberOpleidingsProgramma (cyber education programme, COP), which is part of the new framework agreement between Fox-IT and the Dutch Ministry of Defence, has been launched. Over the past few years, Fox IT had already provided several cybersecurity courses for the Ministry of Defence.

The rapid pace in which the  cyber domain continues to develop, asks for constant improvements and knowledge development. As stated  in the Cyber Strategy of the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry aims  to constantly develop the defensive, operational, and intelligence capacities of its cyber professionals. Moreover, the Dutch government in general is aiming towards a more integrated approach to cybercrime. Due to  these developments, and taking into account the successful completion of the second year of COP (COP II), the Ministry has decided to continue the COP in a different and improved  set up. One of these improvements implies that in contrast to previous years, Fox-IT and the Ministry will now offer the third COP programme modularly and interdepartmentally.

With COP III, the Ministry of Defence aims to promote the exchange of knowledge between the Dutch Ministries, as well as to create more synergy among them. The Ministry of Defence has had positive experiences with synergy between the different divisions of the Ministry and feels that this needs to be extended across the various government departments.  Due  to the modular construction of COP III, participants no longer have to commit to the programme for an entire year. Furthermore, participants can choose to participate only in those modules they personally need to acquire specific security knowledge.

COP III consists  of both theoretical and practical modules, that will all be hosted and facilitated at the Fox-IT office in Delft. Though it requires a significant investment of time, the Ministry can add some well-educated cyber professionals to their workforce. Commandant Cyber Commando Brigadier General Hans Folmer; “COP participants acquire knowledge and skills, but also will increasingly start acting and thinking as cyber security professionals. As they will work in a specialized cybersecurity company for a longer period of time, they will acquire the skills and mind set of the Fox-IT specialists, which they can then apply to their jobs.”

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