Society has to be digitally resilient. But how?

Cyber Security Assessment Netherlands 2017

Society has to be digitally resilient. But how?

Hackers disrupt elections and the Internet of Things is vulnerable. The Netherlands needs to be more digitally resilient. This and other conclusions are contained in the recently published Cyber Securitybeeld Nederland 2017, which includes contributions by Fox-IT. But how do you make a society digitally resilient? Fox-IT sets out three solutions.

The private sector

Erik de Jong, Chief Research Officer at Fox-IT, says, “If you look at the private sector, it’s about the choices that organisations make. Businesses should approach cyber crime in the same way they do any other commercial risk, such as fire. You invest in fire safety, so why not in your organisation’s cyber security?”


It is clear to CSBN that the IOT is vulnerable. Fox-IT sees a role for the government here. Erik continues, “We see that many products are now connected to the internet but they are not secure. Consumers do not ask about security requirements, and and manufacturers don’t offer them. There is a role here for the government in terms of regulating security requirements for IOT devices.”

Greater powers for the police

Apart from the protective measures that the private sector and the government could take, Fox-IT founder Ronald Prins believes there are also proactive measures that could make the Netherlands more digitally resilient. One example would be to give the police greater powers in detecting online crime. Last Tuesday, Ronald Prins talked about this during the meeting of field experts on the third Computer Crime Act in the Dutch Senate. Prins says, “Fox-IT sees a major opportunity for the police and the government to tackle cyber crime. The police have highly specialised experts in their ranks, not least in the High Tech Crime Team. They are capable of hacking in and carrying out ‘the operation’. Special agents could gain access under certain conditions and thereby detect, halt, or disrupt criminal activity at an earlier stage.”

Unfortunately the Cyber Security Assessment Netherlands 2017 is only available in Dutch.

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