Fox-IT launches Managed Intelligence Service

Detect external threats before getting attacked

Fox-IT launches Managed Intelligence Service

With pride, Fox-IT presents its new product: Managed Intelligence Service (MIS). The launch will happen today at 2017. MIS focuses on the first steps in the cyber kill chain and is Fox-IT’s first service to detect external threats and risks before organizations are getting attacked.

Krijn de Mik, Head of Threat Intelligence at Fox-IT, presents MIS during the workshop “How an early warning system reduces your business risk” on

“We are proud to expand Fox-IT’s expertise with this new service,” said Joost Halkes, Managing Director at Fox-IT, “MIS collects information from various intelligence sources and assesses relevance to the organization. For example, external threats such as phishing practices, DDOS attacks, and leaked data can be detected quickly, allowing the customer to take measurements on time. ”

MIS was created by Fox-IT analysts. It addresses the needs of industries to be better protected against cyber attacks. The service provides threat information and ensures that threats are detected and neutralized to prevent an attack from happening.


“MIS complements and can integrate with your internal threat monitoring program, such as Fox-IT’s Cyber Threat Management (CTM) or other Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solutions you might already have in place”, said Joost Halkes.

Attack groups are getting better at making successful techniques to attack an entire industry. MIS provides targeted threat intelligence and helps organizations to respond to external threats. As a result, organizations are better able to protect the most essential assets of organizations and industries and ensure business continuity.

More information about our Managed Intelligence Service can be found on our product page.

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