Fox EvidencePortal live

A faster and safer way to transport investigation data

Fox EvidencePortal live

The Forensics & Incident Response department recently became a proud user of the Fox-IT EvidencePortal. This new service for our clients comprises a combination of Fox’s own products, DataDiode and ClientPortal. The EvidencePortal largely automates the manual work that was required in the past for the transportation of investigation data originating from a client’s computer systems to the Fox forensic lab. Previously, this data was put onto hard disks that were then physically transported by couriers.

The arrival of the EvidencePortal means we now have a quicker and safer manner of getting large quantities of investigation data to the forensic lab in Delft. Once a client’s investigation data has arrived safely at the forensic lab, a forensic expert can start up the identification and interpretation of digital evidence.

The EvidencePortal is based on the Fox-IT ClientPortal. The portal offers safe transport, access, and storage of large quantities of data, such as forensic copies of one or more hard disks in use by the client.

One-way connection

With the use of the EvidencePortal, Fox-IT offers its clients the option of supplying investigation materials digitally from anywhere in the world.
After uploading, the EvidencePortal sends the data automatically to the investigation network of the forensic lab via a DataDiode. The client’s data cannot ‘leak’ out of the lab’s investigation network thanks to the ‘one-way connection’ established by the DataDiode.

Direct forensic investigation possible

By making use of the EvidencePortal when sending investigation materials, the preparatory work for a forensic investigation can begin immediately. To this end, Fox-IT has developed a tool called TIPSy (Tremendous Image Processing System). This system shortens the time required for the forensic investigation.

By providing investigation materials via the EvidencePortal and by sending it to the forensic lab automatically via a DataDiode, the overheads relating to the start-up of a forensic investigation are minimized as far as possible.

As our client, you can be assured that your data will reach us both quickly and safely!


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