Co-founder Ronald Prins leaves Fox-IT

"I am proud that Fox-IT has become a decisive player in the field of cyber security."

Co-founder Ronald Prins leaves Fox-IT

Ronald Prins, co-founder of Fox-IT, will leave his role as director on 1 January, 2018. Prins founded Fox-IT in 1999 together with Menno van der Marel. Their mission: to make a valuable contribution, in an innovative way, to the fight against cyber crime. Fox-IT became the first digital forensic research agency in the Netherlands and, under the management of Prins and Van der Marel, grew to a turnover of 28.5 million euros. It was acquired by NCC Group in 2015.

Prins’ responsibilities will be assigned to various people within Fox-IT. Some of these responsibilities have already been re-assigned over the previous months. Prins will still remain with Fox-IT in an advisory role after 1 January, 2018.

Prins thinks it’s time for a change. He commented: “I am proud that Fox-IT has become a decisive player in the field of cyber security and that we have kept pace with a rapidly growing market. The acquisition by NCC Group has given Fox-IT an opportunity to move on to the next phase of its journey, and it is time for me to move forward as well.

“Cyber ​​security has become a national security issue instead of just a technical issue. So, I will remain active in the field of cyber security on a strategic level.”

Joost Halkes, Managing Director of Fox-IT, believes Ronald Prins is the personification of cyber security in the Netherlands: “I have great respect for the way in which he has put cyber security on the national agenda in Dutch society. This has helped Fox-IT to become a leading cyber security player in Europe. What started as his personal mission is now being adapted by more than 300 employees. “

Looking forward, the strategy is clear. Together with NCC Group, Fox-IT will expand internationally based on four key pillars:

  1. We will remain focused on the most challenging and impactful assignments and conduct independent research related to major incidents, such as espionage by foreign intelligence services.
  2. We will continue to work on high-quality cryptographic solutions for the protection of state secrets. These solutions are becoming increasingly more in-demand.
  3. We will use our knowledge to work on innovative and scalable cyber security solutions for both customers and partners.
  4. By combining all of the above, we are the most attractive employer for hackers and security specialists.


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