Acquisition of Fox-IT by NCC Group

Delft, November 24th, 2015 – NCC Group plc (“NCC Group”) has reached an agreement to acquire…

Acquisition of Fox-IT by NCC Group

Delft, November 24th, 2015 – NCC Group plc (“NCC Group”) has reached an agreement to acquire IT security company, Fox-IT.

The Fox-IT brand will continue to be used and the current board will remain in place.

Fox-IT will now be able to apply its technology internationally as NCC Group has a multi-national footprint with approximately 30 global offices.

Menno van der Marel, CEO and Co-founder of Fox-IT, said: “For Fox-IT this is a great opportunity. By benefiting from the international reach of NCC Group we can service our current and future clients and partners even better, all over the world, with great technologies”.

Rob Cotton, CEO of NCC Group, said: “This is a unique opportunity to acquire a leading, substantial European cyber security business that focuses on security analysis and threat intelligence; at a time that organisations globally are only now beginning to appreciate that they need to be proactive, not reactive, in dealing with cyber security.

“Fox has an impressive reputation and brand with a high quality client base, including government security departments and global organisations. The business also has a range of complementary professional and managed services and products which we aim to distribute internationally.”

About Fox-IT

Fox-IT’s mission is to make a technical and innovative contribution to creating a more secure society. Fox-IT does this by developing advanced solutions and services in the area of cyber security and cyber defense for customers around the world. In order to accomplish this we put a lot of effort into innovation and are dedicated to our customers, our values and our integrity.

Fox-IT develops products and tailored solutions to maintain the security of sensitive government systems, protect process control networks, defend online banking systems, and secure highly confidential data and networks.

About NCC

Please visit the NCC Group website to view more information.

NCC Group is a global information assurance specialist providing organisations worldwide with escrow, verification, security consulting, web performance and domain services.

Through a comprehensive information assurance solution NCC Group provides organisations around the world with peace of mind that some of their most important assets are protected and operating as they should be at all times.

NCC Group operates three distinct but complementary divisions, NCC Group Escrow, NCC Group Assurance and NCC Group Domain Services, from approximately 30 offices across the UK, mainland Europe, North America and Australia. With approximately 1,500 employees, it provides comprehensive end-to-end information assurance services for over 15,000 organisations worldwide.


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