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Ronald Prins

Director & Co-founder

Ronald Prins is Director and Co-founder of Fox-IT. Previously, as a scientific researcher at the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI), he gained recognition by breaking codes on cryptographic security systems encountered by law enforcement in criminal investigations. Ronald also contributed to new methods and best practices for obtaining digital information in criminal investigations.

He co-founded Fox-IT with Menno van der Marel in 1999, seeking to fully apply his creativity in developing innovative security solutions for highly sensitive environments.

Ronald studied applied mathematics and went on to specialize in cryptography at the Delft University of Technology.

Joost Halkes

Managing Director

Joost Halkes is currently Managing Director of Fox-IT and will look to expand business on a global scale. His challenge is to preserve the wisdom of Fox-IT to better fit in with the goals of parent company NCC. The future international expansion and broadening the portfolio of Fox-IT will be the main priorities.

Before joining the Fox-IT team, Joost was Director of Product & Content at, one of the largest online retailers in the Netherlands, for two years. In this position, he managed a team that was responsible for the product catalog. Prior to this, Joost held managerial positions at Groupon, where his responsibilities included implementing a new sales structure in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Joost is a graduate of the Delft University of Technology.

Marcel van Oirschot

Commercial Director

Marcel is Commercial Director of Fox-IT. He is responsible for all of the company’s commercial activities, both products and services, in the Netherlands and internationally. Marcel is also tasked with formulating the commercial strategy and corresponding long-term plans. His greatest challenge is making a name for Fox-IT on the world stage in order to achieve further growth. He believes that providing scalable security solutions will play an important role in this.

Marcel boasts more than twenty years’ experience in commercial managerial positions at major international software companies. His greatest strengths are forming and motivating sales teams, teambuilding, and selecting the right people for the transition.

Marcel graduated from Eindhoven University of Technology with a degree in Commercial Technology. He likes to play sports in his spare time and especially enjoys participating in sporting events like the Alpe d’HuZes, a Dutch fundraising event.

Jeremy Butcher

Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer, Jeremy is Fox-IT’s technical conscience, making sure that Fox-IT’s products and services are in line with security developments and IT developments at customers’ offices. He also determines where opportunities lie for new products. Jeremy’s greatest challenge is finding the right balance between security and daily routines at customers’ offices.

Jeremy has worked at Fox-IT for sixteen years and has contributed to all our important products. For the past six years, he worked at the High Assurance group, which develops software and hardware security products for the most sensitive sectors. Prior to joining the Fox-IT team, he worked as a software developer for the government, where his tasks included hacking and reading out criminals’ phones.

Jeremy studied Applied Physics at the Delft University of Technology.

Mirko de Vos

Director of Finance & Operations

Mirko de Vos has been Director of Finance and Operations at Fox-IT since September 2016. In this role, he is responsible for the Finance, HR, Legal, Facilities, Quality and Security portfolios. Mirko is also jointly responsible for strategy development and execution, the realization of investment decisions and business process redesign.

He began his career in auditing at the Big-4 firms KPMG and EY. He then held various financial positions in business, in the last ten years a broad CFO role in organizations with a rapid growth scenario. These companies can be labelled as second-stage startups, in which the focus was on professionalization, structuring and developing the organization to facilitate further growth. He has a lot of experience in transition management and setting up processes and the most optimal use of automation and employees.

Mirko followed the masters programme in Accountancy at NIVRA Nyenrode, as well as a post-master CPA.

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