Fox-IT nominated for safer Oil & Gas Industry

  Delft, June 26th 2018 IT magazine Computable has nominated Fox-IT and it’s Fox DataDiode as one of the contenders for the security supplier of the year award. The nomination


One-way network security; how to recognize a true data diode?

  All data diodes are equal, but some are much better than others. Paraphrasing George Orwell’s 1984, data diodes may look the same at first sight, but if you take


Data diode vs firewall: how do they compare?

  Both data diodes and firewalls can be used to secure different sections of computer networks. Usually these sections have different trust levels. For example, one section of the network

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Protecting Critical Assets and Production Environments

Explanation how to protect them from outside digital threats

Fox Ruggedized DataDiode 10G

Device that will enforce a one-way network connection

Fox DataDiode for Protecting Secrets

Protect confidential information with one way network DataDiode

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