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The Dutch NBV (Nationaal Bureau voor Verbindingsbeveiliging) evaluates security products for use within the government. Before a security product can be approved for the protection of special information, it is first evaluated by the NBV. In general, the NBV receives instructions for this when one or more ministries want to use that product for their information security. The NBV focuses in particular on electronic security products: computer systems, networks and telecommunications equipment.

In the first place, the criteria used in the evaluation depend on the classification of the special information that the equipment must be able to process. This classification is a measure of the security level the information requires. The starting point is the damage that ministries incur if the information falls into the wrong hands.

As the information is classified higher, the evaluation criteria used by the NBV become stricter. Within the Dutch government, four classifications are used:

  1. Departementaal Vertrouwelijk

If the NBV considers an evaluated product suitable, an ‘approval advice’ and an ‘operational doctrine’ will be issued. The first document is an advice to the WBI (Special Information Security Working Party, in which the Ministries of Justice, Defense, Home Affairs, Foreign Affairs and General Affairs participate), which takes the decision to approve a product. The operational doctrine is a document that describes all kinds of preconditions for the use of the product, so that users know how to use the product safely.

Click here for the Dutch approval by the NL-NCSA (NBV) for the Fox DataDiode.

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