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09 Apr, 2019 • admin

Webinar; Introduction to secure “one-way” communication with Fox IT DataDiode

Hermitage Solutions webinar, April 16th 2019, time: 14:00 (UTC +3).


We have been invited by our partner Hermitage to host a webinar that will inform the audience about our Fox DataDiode solution. The Fox Data Diodes helps companies of all shapes and sizes to create a secure network through network segregation. It is proven to be one of the most effective ways to ensure that organization’s data cannot fall into the wrong hands, because a data diode creates a unidirectional data flow – something other security solutions such as physical isolation of the network (air gap), gateways and firewalls cannot achieve on their own.

During the webinar presented by our own Nivard Bakmeijer, you will hear about the following topics:

  • What it is the Fox DataDiode?

  • How does a DataDiode work?

  • Solution examples

You are of course welcome to register for this webinar by going to the registration page of Hermitage.

If you want to know more about the Fox DataDiode in advance? Do not hesitate to ask us via the form below.


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