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19 Dec, 2018 • admin

Rolloos’ mission: helping the offshore industry work securely and efficiently with data

Today, there is hardly an industry that is not strongly dependent on data. This especially applies to the offshore industry, in which a wide variety of high-cost equipment is used in hazardous conditions. Collecting and using the right data can help businesses in this industry to not only operate in a very efficient way, but to also safeguard people and material and remain compliant with industry and government regulations. 

“Companies in this industry often operate a fleet of equipment, be it drilling rigs, heavy lift vessels or offshore wind power stations,” says Joost Lasschuit, managing director at Fox-IT’s partner Rolloos. Obviously, they can maintain these assets separately and with all kinds of point solutions, but that is not very efficient. As a family business with a history of 50 years, Rolloos helps these companies to centralise all information, experience and data to one platform, enabling them to share knowledge on their entire fleet.”

Broad portfolio

For that purpose, Rolloos offers a broad and well-balanced portfolio of solutions and services which comprises CCTV monitoring, data analytics and connectivity. With CCTV, companies can monitor every process by capturing visual information. For example this is deployed in the so-called red zones on a drilling platform. These are the dangerous spots with a lot of heavy, moving equipment. Cameras keep an eye on all the movements of both people and machines and trigger alerts if dangerous situations are about to occur.

Data analytics provides ways to make optimum use of all resources by analysing performance and distributing knowledge and experience. Connectivity is key for getting up-to-date insight in all processes and for communicating all kinds of data from offshore to onshore and back.


Cyber crime on the rise

“Secure communications have become increasingly important for the offshore industry,” says Lasschuit. “As in all other industries, companies in the offshore industry are the target of cyber criminals. One famous example in the oil & gas industry is Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabia, which was hit by a virus in 2012, taking down a major part of the company.” A simple virus managed to get into Saudi Aramco’s ICS systems after an employee clicked on a malicious link. It took five full months to get back in business. “What happened at Saudi Aramco can happen anywhere and if it happens on an oil rig, the consequences can be far-reaching. Platforms have several key systems that are responsible for instance, in keeping them afloat and stable and for prevention of oil spills. If hackers manage to get into these systems, an oil company is in big trouble. ” Lasschuit points out the catastrophic effect of the Deepwater Horizon platform blowout in 2010. While this was due to mechanical failure, it underlines the importance of safe systems, as the catastrophe killed 11 crewmen and ignited a fireball visible from 64 km away. The fire was inextinguishable and the platform sank, leaving the well gushing at the seabed and causing the largest oil spill in US waters.

Fox DataDiode

In order to stay secure, many offshore companies do not connect their systems on platforms. This makes it difficult to use data from equipment and cameras for efficiency purposes. Others do connect their systems via the internet, risking attack from cyber criminals. “That is where the Fox DataDiode comes in,” says Lasschuit. “With this device, it is possible to get ICS and other data securely from key systems without the risk of compromising these systems. That is the reason why we added the Fox DataDiode to our portfolio. This solution offers guaranteed one-way network connectivity, ensuring secure and smooth transfer of data in real-time, 24×7. And with Common Criteria EAL7+ certification, the Fox DataDiode is the highest evaluated and certified IT security product in the world. For us, it is an essential part of our offering.”


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