Fox DataDiode and Fox Replicator version update

The latest versions of Fox DataDiode software are as follows:

      • Fox DataDiode Appliance 2.1.5 New update!!
      • Fox DataDiode Core 3.1.0 (Windows & Linux, HA edition available) New update!!
      • Fox Modbus Replicator 2.2.3
      • Fox MSSQL Replicator 1.0.4
      • Fox OPC Replicator 2.0.0 (UA and Classic) New update!!
      • Fox PI Replicator 3.0.0 (HA edition available)

    For more product details, download the product sheets.

    If you are interested in technical details about our solutions, please contact datadiodesupport@fox-it.com

    For licensing inquiry, please contact datadiode@fox-it.com

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