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10 Apr, 2018 • admin

The OSIsoft regional seminar in Utrecht

During the Regional Seminar taking place on the 17th of April at De Fabrique, Foxer Nivard Bakmeijer will be there to explain what the business advantages are of combining Fox PI Replicator software with a DataDiode.

  • Learn how live and historical industrial data can be replicated into a business environment, making it possible for business users to safely run queries against the replica OSIsoft PI system.
  • Have confidence that your industrial data is transferred at high performance rates without exposing the industrial network to digital threats from the outside world.

Aside from that the event offers a great opportunity to:

  • Hear about industry trends;
  • See the latest from OSIsoft;
  • Hear from OSIsoft customers how they are leveraging the PI System


  1. How a data infrastructure strategy is critical for successful digital transformation
  2. To empower your employees with a self-service approach to leveraging applications
  3. How different solutions and applications of the PI System, such as our Fox PI replicator, can be configured out-of-the-box

You are welcome to come and find out using this registration link.


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