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11 Jan, 2018 • admin

Webinar on Spectre and Meltdown

The Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities – design flaws in processors from leading chipmakers, revealed on January 3rd, 2018 – allowed attackers to capture information they shouldn’t be able to access, like passwords and keys.

These newly discovered vulnerabilities again underline the importance of optimum security of critical systems. With the Fox DataDiode, you create secure one-way data traffic, enabling you to prevent data from leaving your network and providing an extra wall of defense against breaches and leakage.

Learn more on protecting your digital assets in this Fox-IT webinar about the vulnerabilities in Meltdown & Spectre. During this webinar, Security Expert Sanne Maasakkers and Chief Research Officer Erik de Jong answered the following questions:

  • What are Spectre and Meltdown?
  • What is affected?
  • What is a hacker’s perspective?
  • Is this a big thing?
  • What should you do?


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