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Fox-Cyber Security report 2016

‘Cyber attack’ is a familiar phrase that is becoming ordinary in our everyday life. We think we know what it means. That we have a general idea how to recognize a threat and what we should do to protected ourselves against it. We believe we know how to act and react as an individual or as an organisation. That we have taken the correct measures to stay safe.

This assumption was the reason for Fox-IT to cooperate with OGIQ (the global online content and information portal for Oil & Gas professionals) and initiate a wide spread survey amongst their community, asking them about their views on cyber security.

The Cyber Security Report 2016 gives insight in priorities and changes, compared to last year’s report[1]. The report answers the pertinent questions; has your vigilance towards cyber security changed? What preventive measures have you taken? Are you monitoring your network? Do you have an Incident Response plan in place? These are just a few of the questions asked. The report then continues with the interpretation by our cyber security experts of the choices made and comments on the consequences for OT and IT environments that could be unknown or haven’t been taken into consideration.

Even though the survey was held amongst the Oil & Gas community, the same questions should be raised in other industries. They too are facing the ever increasing recurrence of Cyber-attacks; the Nuclear Power Industry for instance is another sector that is feeling the impact.

Being Cyber Secure should become second nature to one and all. We encourage you to  download the report, utilize the questions and feedback and benchmark them against your own organisation.  If after reading the report you have questions or need advice, contact datadiode@fox-it.com and we can investigate how we can make your digital environment a safer place.

[1] “Cyber 9/11: is the oil & gas industry walking into a nightmare”.

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