Have you always wanted to hack and understand how the mind of an attacker works?
How do hackers prepare an attack? How do they get in?
We will teach you how to think like a hacker!

A cyber incident and the subsequent response process is often experienced as complicated, even if this is outsourced to an external provider. During the incident, the organization’s own IT staff have to provide the necessary information, as nobody knows the infrastructure better than the system administrators and security staff. Unfortunately, in many organizations it is often the case that IT staff do not know what information and procedures are needed for an incident response process.

We offer you a one-day training course that explains the basics of forensic analysis and what should be done if and when an incident occurs. This will allow your organization to minimize the damage after an incident and resume normal business operations as soon as possible.

This module covers the following subjects:

  • How do attackers and malware work?
  • Incident response lifecycle
  • Basic principles of forensic analysis
  • Hosts and network data collection
  • Live data collection and triage
  • Basic forensic analysis

After this module you will be able to:

  • Understand the factors that play a role during an incident;
  • Know the basic forensic principles and how to act on them;
  • Handle (potentially) compromised systems and collect relevant data from them;
  • Perform basic triage for incidents.

Target audience
IT security staff, such as security officers, IT administrators, network administrators and CISOs.

Basic knowledge of IT and Operating Systems

We have not scheduled this course in English yet, please contact us for more information at foxacademy@fox-it.com