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Authorized to Use "CERT"

Call us toll free on +31-800-FOXCERT (+31-800-3692378) for an immediate assessment and consultation from Europe’s leading independent incident response team.

An incident of digital crime is the exception for your IT department or third-party service provider. For us, it’s business as usual. From among the chaos of a security breach and perpetrators who seem invisible and anonymous, FoxCERT brings professional calm and urgency to your crises. Trained and experienced in controlling and resolving incidents, we enable you to act quickly, decisively and correctly.

What not to do

If digital crime is suspected, do not touch the equipment. Do not switch off any servers, or clone them, or reinstall them. If you do, there is a significant chance that evidence will be lost. Contact the FoxCERT hotline for advice from a cyber crime triage specialist.

Incident response on-demand

The FoxCERT hotline is manned 24/7. We conduct a quick case assessment and provide initial recommendations on your call, then draw on our multidisciplinary response team to initiate engagement on your site or remotely as quickly as possible. On-site response can be minutes if you are near our headquarters in Delft or a few hours depending on your location.

How we work

Our first analysis quickly filters facts from assumptions and aligns response with your priorities. Do you want to restore business as soon as possible or first preserve evidence that could lead to the capture and prosecution of perpetrators? Would you prefer our FoxCERT professionals to lead response or coordinate with your in-house team?  Your priorities define the response and resources we bring to your crisis. As part of incident control and resolution, FoxCERT offers related services for digital forensics investigation, security monitoring, emergency penetration testing, public relations advisory, crisis management and liaison with law enforcement.


Collaboration with your own organization is critical to leverage the full capability of FoxCERT. We quickly establish direct lines of communication with your key decision makers. We facilitate collaboration among people within your organization who normally do not need to work together. We keep you current on the progress of incident resolution and your options for the related services we provide within your stated objectives.

Example capabilities

  • Complex business recovery:  For some incidents, such as DDoS or coordinated attacks on your servers, alternative communication lines must be created quickly. FoxCERT experts work with you to restore business as quickly and responsibly as possible.
  • Emergency security monitoring: Is the incident over? Is this the only incident or are there others? By having FoxCERT specialists insert smart sensors into your network and monitor them, our security team guards your business from repeat intrusions.
  • Legally recognized preservation of digital evidence: FoxCERT forensics experts can investigate your systems for traces of digital evidence, secure and process findings using legally responsible methods, produce reports, and fulfill the role of forensics experts in legal proceedings.

Immediate action

It is important to act quickly, but calmly with coordinated action. FoxCERT starts immediately and works methodically at your location or remotely, whichever is most effective at the time. FoxCERT has been used by organizations of all sizes for emergency response to digital crime. Examples include large telecom operators, multinationals and government entities.


“CERT” is a registered trademark owned by Carnegie Mellon University. FoxCERT shares their commitment to improving the security of networks connected to the internet and is authorized to use the “CERT” mark. Click here to read more about the “CERT” mark.

Fox-IT is listed in the TF-CSIRT Trusted Introducer listing. The Trusted Introducer Service forms the trusted backbone of infrastructure services and serves as clearinghouse for all security and incident response teams.”


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