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Central Government

Government agencies need to allow easier access to information for citizens as well as share data between agencies, but the risk of security breaches and hacks adds unfortunate complications and costs. Fox-IT provides high-end security solutions to secure agency networks against breaches while allowing for the collaboration they have been tasked with providing.

Compromise Assessment

Organization wide assessment for traces of a cyber attack Even if though you can expect your security measures to be able to do what they are meant to do, advanced attackers are often able to circumvent these measures unnoticed. Not …
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Fox-IT consults and creates IT security solutions. We provide our unique expertise to governments, multi-nationals, vital infrastructures, financial and large organizations. We think along with architects of new services, applications and networks. We assist in building forensic solutions. We advise …
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Crypto Consultancy & Implementation

A high security level is necessary for environments that contain highly confidential information. In digital environments it is not easy to design a solution that provides complete cover, particularly as it also has to be workable for the users concerned. …
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Protecting sensitive data and critical systems is a major concern in view of terror threats and cybercrime. Not permitting any automated outside connection is still a common, although highly impracticable, way to achieve this. How do you benefit from the Fox …
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Digital Forensic Investigation services

More and more companies fall victim to Cybercrime such as fraud, industrial espionage, phishing or hacking. Fox-IT has begun the fight against Cybercrime. Our forensic IT experts conduct digital research and are specialized in recovering and interpreting digital traces. Fox-IT’s …
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When business continuity and reputation are at stake, our experienced cyber crime and forensic IT experts ensure a swift and smart response.
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Managed Security Services

Be in control of your cyber security with the Fox-IT SOC You want to have a firm grip on your information security. To achieve this you have to decide to run your own Security Operations Center (SOC), outsource it in …
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RedFox cryptochip

Creating certified cryptographic products used to be a complex task, especially if you require a certification for government use. Not only must the products provide unsurpassed levels of security, but they must also undergo lengthy evaluations by various certification bodies. …
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Security Audit

We trace security leaks in access control systems, in ‘secure’ USB sticks, PDAs, telephone networks, applications for Internet banking and government databases containing highly sensitive data. Audits We go that extra mile with every audit. We feel very much at …
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Eavesdropping on mobile phone conversations has been possible for a long time. Up until now interception was the sole domain of intelligence and law enforcement agencies. However, the ease at which your telephone conversation could be intercepted is increasing. The …
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SINA enables organizations to connect physically separated networks through any secured or unsecured network. SINA stands for Secure Inter Networking Architecture and was developed primarily for State Secret networks of the German Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI). The …
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Fox-IT offers a wide range of training courses. These courses are presented in the most practical way possible. Whether the topic is digital security or conducting investigations on the Internet, the participants spend as much time as possible at their …
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Secure telephony for land lines, fax and mobile telephones The VECOM service is a joint venture between Sectra and Fox-IT. Following an assignment from the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, a solution was developed to make it …
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