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FoxFiles March 2012


The latest edition of the Fox-IT magazine FoxFiles is now available.


  • Column Menno van der Marel on cybercrime entrepreneurship
  • More focus on protecting personal data – On planned mandatory notifications for data breaches and best practice in crisis communication, once you’ve been hacked
  • Hunt for the modern Jesse James – Reconstruction of a modern attempt to rob a bank
  • Stop the fight against cybercrime – Ronald Prins on the need for standards in law enforcement
  • OpenVPN-NL for Defence – Fox-IT enhances security of open source solution
  • DataDiode in Britain – FCO Services uses Nexor data diode to protect system management
  • Do-it-yourself forensic investigation – Fox-IT provides solution for in-house forensics
  • I am Fox-IT – Behind the scenes: Security Analyst Kevin de Kok in 10 keywords


Download the FoxFiles magazine in PDF format here.

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