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Fox-IT was founded in 1999 by Ronald Prins and Menno van der Marel. Their background of digital forensic investigation and hacking security systems at the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) was the foundation of the first digital investigation agency in Western Europe. Since 1999 Fox-IT has been a reliable partner for government bodies and financial institutions. With a strong focus on research and innovation we have grown into a full service IT security company with customers all over the world.

Historical facts

In 2003, Fox-IT bought Philip’s Crypto Technology which enabled us to create products for the protection of state secrets.

In 2005, Fox-IT started to look beyond the Dutch borders to take on more international assignments. Offices were opened in Aruba and Great Britain. In other parts of the world, e.g. the Middle East and the United States, Fox-It is represented by partners.

In 2006, Fox-IT expanded its business with Fox Replay. Fox Replay makes analysis of intercepted internet traffic possible for police and intelligence agencies all over the world.


Fox-IT is currently one of the most specialized and innovative companies in Europe in the field of security and digital crime investigation. Our expanding market now covers large parts of Europe, the Middle East, the Caribbean and America.

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