Fox DataDiode and Fox Replicator version update

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The latest versions of Fox DataDiode software are as follows: Fox DataDiode Appliance 2.1.4New update!! Fox DataDiode Core 2.0.5 (Windows & Linux) New update!! Fox Modbus Replicator 2.2.3 Fox OPC


Middle East organizations should prepare for the return of Shamoon


In August 2012, petroleum and natural gas company Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabia was hit hard by the Shamoon virus (also known as Disttrack). This disk-wiping malware damaged 35,000 computers


The latest Cyber Security Report 2016 is available

CSR 2016 Digital Trenches Report

‘Cyber attack’ is a familiar phrase that is becoming ordinary in our everyday life. We think we know what it means. That we have a general idea how to recognize

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Fox DataDiode Appliance

Guaranteed one-way communication as turn-key solution

Protecting Critical Assets and Production Environments

Protecting Critical Assets and Production Environments

Fox DataDiode for Protecting Secrets

Protect confidential information with unidirectional DataDiode

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