1. Fox DataDiode Appliance

Guaranteed one-way communication as turnkey solution

  • Datasheet
  • Key features
  • New capabilities and improvements
  • More information on plug and play security

2. Protecting Critical Assets and Production Environments

A solution that protects assets from outside digital threats coming from internet and facilitates sharing of data

  • Share production data
  • Protocol data replication solutions; Modbus / OPC / PI
  • Central monitoring
  • Highest level of certification & recognition & compliance

3. Fox DataDiode for Protecting Secrets

  • Highest certifications NATO secret, CCEAL7+ and more
  • Extensive protocol support FTP, FTPS, FIPES. Windows file sharing, UDP and more
  • Zero compromise on network connectivity

4. Protecting confidential information using data diodes

  • Whitepaper
  • How to protect an isolated network against outsider cyber attacks
  • Main objectives: confidentiality, integrity and availability
  • The best possible technology: the unidirectional network connection by means of a data diode

5. Active Directory Integration

A module for the Fox DataDiode Appliance that provides easy user administration

  • Improved ease of user management functionality
  • Single-Sign-On
  • Scalable

6. Fox DataDiode Modbus Replicator

  • Transparently replicated through Fox DataDiode
  • Protecting critical production environments
  • Highest certified IT security product in the world
  • Establish the most secure and safe production facility possible

7. Fox DataDiode PI Replicator

  • Replicate data from a OSIsoft PI Server
  • Historian data collected in a PI Server within an Industrial Control Systems network can be replicated to a PI Server in another network
  • Provide a solid and secure way to send updates through a one-way connection


8. Fox DataDiode OPC Replicator (UA & Classic)

  • Facilitate network separation
  • Provide highest security level
  • Protect against cyber threats directed at production networks
  • Replicate OPC Servers through Fox DataDiode


9. Secure One-Way Traffic

British government deploys data diode for data protection

  • Customer Case
  • FCO Services, part of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office
  • Rigorous data protection
  • Real-time access to information

10. One-way traffic in Italy

Datadiode deployed by Defence

  • Customer Case
  • Preventing data leaks
  • Protecting critical infrastructures
  • Highly classified
  • Small suppliers increasingly important

11. Situational awareness important in command post exercise

  • Defence: experimenting in major peregrine sword exercise
  • Customer Case
  • Deployment of Fox DataDiode
  • Encrypting reconnaissance images
  • Maintaining secrecy
  • Innovation spearhead


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